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Shielding Your Investment with Excellence and Precision

Preserving the Brand New Shine with Our Premium Gtechniq Protection Package

New Car Protection Package

Congratulations on your new car! Now, let’s give it the top-notch protection it deserves to maintain that brand-new glow and shine for years to come. Our New Car Protection Package is crafted to preserve the pristine condition of your vehicle, shielding it from environmental damages and aging. Utilizing the premium Gtechniq product range, we provide comprehensive protection, from the interior to the exterior, for a fresh-off-the-lot look all year round.

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Package Details

Single Stage Detail: Our journey starts with a meticulous single-stage detail, laying the foundation for a vehicle that not only shines but is also well protected against the elements. Interior Protection: Gtechniq Matte Dash: Get a resilient barrier against dirt and UV rays, maintaining the fresh, clean look of your vehicle's dashboard and plastic trim. Gtechniq Leather Guard: This advanced treatment safeguards your leather interiors, preventing stains and wear while maintaining a supple, new-leather feel. Gtechniq Smart Fabric: Keep your fabric seats and carpets stain-free and fresh with this protective treatment that repels spills and dirt. Exterior Protection: Crystal Serum Ultra and Exo v5: Gift your vehicle the ultimate paint protection with a layer of Gtechniq Serum Ultra, topped with Exo v5 for an exceptional gloss and shield that lasts up to 9 years. Gtechniq Smart Glass: Experience vastly improved visibility during rains and easy cleanups with our Smart Glass treatment, which prevents water and grime buildup on your vehicle's glass surfaces. Wheel and Brake Caliper Protection: We go the extra mile by removing the wheels to thoroughly protect both the wheels and brake calipers from dirt, brake dust, and grime, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

Pricing: For detailed pricing information based on your vehicle type and specific requirements, kindly get in touch with us. Booking: Ready to give your new car the royal treatment? Contact us to book your New Car Protection Package now.

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